What is thermal adhesive tape?

What is thermal adhesive tape?

Thermal adhesive tape is also called thermally conductive tape. Thermal adhesive tape is made of acrylic polymer mixed with thermally conductive ceramic powder, coated on both sides of glass fiber cloth, and compounded with silicone adhesive. It has the characteristics of high thermal conductivity and insulation, and has certain properties. Excellent softness, compressibility, conformability, strong viscosity, and a wide temperature range.

Consistent with the working principle of thermally conductive silica gel, the thermal adhesive tape is also filled on the uneven surface, so that the heat sink and the heat source are closely attached together, so that the original air conducts heat into the current thermal adhesive tape.

Thermal tape is widely used in bonding heat sinks, heat dissipation modules, CPU microprocessor heat dissipation, LED lamps and lanterns, filling the gaps between PCB, metal components and chassis, not only filling uneven surfaces, but also The heat is conducted out, and it can be used without changing any components even in a closed space, which fully reflects the thermal conductivity of this thermally conductive material and the self-adhesive properties of the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for easy use.

The thermal adhesive tape is simple and convenient to operate and has high work efficiency. When using it, you only need to tear off the release paper (peeling paper) on the surface of the thermal adhesive tape, and then stick the adhesive surface on the surface of the device and press it gently to bond immediately. . The electronic components and the radiator do not need to be mechanically fixed and the liquid adhesive is cured and fixed.

Thermal adhesive tape can be divided into with or without substrate and without substrate according to the different production materials. It can also be divided according to the composition of the substrate and the composition of the glue. Its main material components are divided as follows:

  1. With or without base material;
  2. No substrate, tissue paper, PET, foam, non-woven fabric, cloth;
  3. Water-based acrylate, oil-based acrylate, solvent-based rubber, hot melt adhesive and silicone.

Characteristics of thermal adhesive tape

  1. High thermal conductivity. Superior heat transfer, thermal conductivity and heat dissipation. The thermal conductivity of the thermal adhesive tape is 0.8-1.0W/m.k, which solves the problems of difficult operation of the thermal conductive paste, uneven coating, and defective products caused by overflowing glue.
  2. Anti-aging. The working environment of thermal adhesive tape is generally in high heat, high temperature, large temperature difference, and rich in ultraviolet rays. Therefore, it is required that the thermal conductive tape must be able to withstand low temperature (below -20°C), high temperature resistance (above +120°C), and at the same time resist the perennial exposure of ultraviolet rays. Working in a variety of complex environments will not result in a decrease in thermal conductivity.
  3. Replace rivets and other mechanical operations. When the traditional LED assembly is considered by the cost of human resources, reducing the process and improving the product become the only choice for the LED industry. More and more LED companies are thinking about using thermal adhesive tape tape to replace traditional mechanical operations such as rivets and screws, which not only play a role in fixing, but also give full play to the role and function of thermal adhesive tape.
  4. Shock absorption function. The thermal adhesive tape is made of acrylic (acrylic) substrate by fully blowing air into it, and it has shock-proof and shock-absorbing functions.

Today, with the continuous research and development of high-tech, the thermal conductive material industry also keeps pace with the times. In the electronics industry, thermal adhesive tape plays a very central role. Since it is difficult for general thermally conductive materials to have both thermal conductivity and good adhesion to important electronic parts, thermal adhesive tape completely solves this problem. ; Especially in the electronics, LED lighting industry and LED TV field has played a significant role.

Facing new requirements and new technical challenges, the thermal adhesive tape industry will usher in different changes. In today’s increasingly developing world, thermal adhesive tape manufacturers rely not only on technology and quality, but also on service and reputation as a major competitive advantage.

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