What material is the thermal insulation sheet made of? What are the characteristics? In which fields is it applied?

What material is the thermal insulation sheet made of? What are the characteristics? In which fields is it applied?

With the continuous development of society, new things are constantly emerging. Artificial intelligence and automation have changed people’s way of life and work. Large-scale machinery and equipment are flooding people’s side, bringing indelible contributions to social development. At the same time, its security risks also attract people’s attention all the time.

At present, most of the machinery and equipment used in society are driven by electrical energy, and when the current passes through the resistance, heat will be generated. The greater the power consumption of the machinery and equipment, the higher the heat generated. If the heat is not dissipated in time, the machine may crash due to the high internal temperature, or even cause the internal parts to burn, causing a safety hazard.

There is a gap between the heat source and the radiator. Even if there are two smooth and flat planes, there are still some large and small holes on the surface. Therefore, the air between the two contact gaps hinders the efficiency of heat conduction, so that heat is transferred from heat to heat dissipation. efficiency slows down. Thermal conductive material is a thermal conductive medium material that can effectively solve the serious heat generation. It mainly acts between the heat source and the radiator, and plays its role as a heat conduction medium.

When the voltage on both sides of the insulator continues to increase, the electric field force on the charge in the insulator material will be greater, which will easily lead to ionization collision, resulting in the breakdown of the insulator. This phenomenon is called insulation breakdown, and this phenomenon exists widely. It is used in machinery and equipment with high power consumption, and it brings security risks. Therefore, a material that can withstand high breakdown voltage and conduct heat at the same time is required. Therefore, thermally conductive silicone cloth was born for this reason.

Thermally conductive silicone cloth is a silicone polymer elastomer reinforced with glass fiber as a base material, also known as thermally conductive silicone cloth, tear-resistant silicone cloth, this silicone cloth can effectively reduce the gap between electronic components and radiators. High thermal resistance, and electrical insulation, high dielectric strength, good thermal conductivity, high chemical resistance, can withstand high voltage and metal parts puncture caused by circuit short circuit, and thermal conductive silicone cloth has strong temperature resistance, It can avoid aging and deterioration due to long-term overheating. It is an excellent thermal insulation material to replace traditional mica and silicone grease.

The thermal conductive silicone cloth is characterized by ultra-thin and high insulation. Its thickness is in the range of 0.2-0.5mm. It can be used in some small but charged environments, filling gaps, reducing breakdown thermal resistance, and improving thermal conductivity. Ordinary thermal pads cannot To achieve high insulation, it is easy to be broken down by high voltage, so the thermal conductive silicone cloth can ensure the safe and reliable operation of machinery and equipment for a long time.

In the electronics industry, thermally conductive insulating silicone cloth is mainly used for the transfer interface between electronic equipment and heat sinks or product shells. , No additional surface amount adhesive, meet the environmental requirements of the public and UL, so it is widely used in switching power supplies, communication equipment, computers, flat-panel TVs, mobile equipment, video equipment, network products, household appliances and other fields.

The above is what material the thermally conductive silicone cloth is made of? What are the characteristics? In which fields is it applied? For related introduction, if you are interested in thermal conductive silicone cloth material, you can consult the online customer service of the thermal conductive silicone cloth manufacturer and look forward to your arrival.

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