What should be paid attention to when using thermal pad?

What should be paid attention to when using thermal pad?

Since the thermal pad is often used in electronic products, it is relatively precise, so when using the thermal pads, it needs to have a lot of attention to be able to play its role better. Especially for operators, the following aspects need to be paid attention to during installation and use. Only in this way can the quality and performance of the thermal pads be guaranteed.

What problems should be paid attention to in the installation and use of thermal pads? Let’s learn about the installation precautions of thermal gasket with CoolThermo, a thermal gap filler materials manufacturer!

Firstly: Pay attention to keep the interface clean, do not let dust, moisture and other substances get on the thermal pad

Because the thermal pads itself is composed of silicone, in order to avoid affecting the performance of thermal conductivity and insulation, the staff should wash their hands and dry them during installation. The bonding of silicone is to use the friction between the silicone to contact the parts, so if the thermal pads used by the user gets wet and dust, it will easily lead to a decrease in viscosity, and it will also affect the thermal conductivity and effect of the thermal gasket and the parts directly. As a result, the entire use conditions are reduced, so it is necessary to ensure that the thermal pads itself is clean and dust-free in order to obtain a good response in subsequent use.

In addition, it should also be noted that when tearing the protective film of the thermal pads, one side should be torn off. Do not remove the release bottom film on both sides at the same time to avoid excessive contact with the thermal pads, which will increase the thermal resistance of the contact surface, thereby increasing the thermal resistance of the contact surface. Effectively keep the original features unaffected.

Secondly: Pay attention to handle it with care, do not handle the thermal conductive silicone gasket too vigorously

The thermal gaskets itself is composed of silicone material, so it is relatively soft. If the operator uses too much force when using the thermal gaskets, it is easy to cause the silicone material to burst. Sometimes there may be no obvious consequences, but the thermal gaskets will be bent. Failure to fit on the parts not only affects the heat dissipation of subsequent product parts, but also wastes purchase costs.

Although the good-quality thermal silicone gaskets itself has shock-proof performance, it still needs to be handled gently during transportation and use to make it evenly stressed to avoid damage. After pasting, a little pressure can be properly balanced to make the thermal pads more firm.

Thirdly: Pay attention not to be energized when installing the thermal pads to prevent electric shock

Although the thermal pads has good insulating properties, it is also necessary to pay attention not to be energized when installing the thermal pads. Before installation, the installation machine should be carefully checked to ensure that the power is blocked, and the relevant personnel should take good anti-electricity measures. , because once the power is turned on, the installation of the thermal pad is likely to cause electric shock to the installer and affect personal safety.

Fourth: Pay attention to be operated by professionals

Enterprises should first conduct professional training and make strict regulations on trusted thermal silica sheet installers. For example, other personnel cannot perform related operations at will, so as to avoid unnecessary losses, because this is directly related to the quality of electronic products. . Because when installing the silicone thermal pads, sometimes there may be some unexpected situations and problems, so the staff can solve these problems only if they reach a professional level.

The above is an introduction to several issues that need to be paid attention to when installing and using silicone thermal pads; in addition, it is necessary to master the correct installation methods and operate them in a standardized manner. If there is something you don’t understand during the operation, you must communicate with the manufacturer in a timely manner, so that not only the best heat dissipation effect can be achieved, but also an important guarantee for the safety of the operator.

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