What Should i Pay Attention To When Applying Sealant?

What Should i Pay Attention To When Applying Sealant?

In daily life, the application of sealant is very common. In the construction process, how to make a sealant with bright surface, uniform thickness and good sealing? For a good construction effect, in addition to purchasing a good sealant, you must have the correct glue tools and master the correct construction process.

First, The glue tool

  1. The glue gun is an indispensable tool in the glue process. Put the sealant with the cut nozzle into the glue gun, and push the handle to the bottom of the sealant to fix it.
  2. There are various thicknesses of textured paper, which are suitable for different occasions and can be found in stationery stores or hardware stores. In preparation for gluing, use masking paper to leave the distance for the final strip, and immediately tear off the masking paper after gluing and smoothing the surface. Using textured paper can not only help you print the right width, but also protect the surrounding substrate.
  3. Cut the glue nozzle obliquely, so that the glue nozzle forms an inclined surface glue outlet that is basically the same as the glue width.
  4. The scraper has a variety of different angles, such as right angle, outer rounded corner, inner rounded corner, bevel and so on. Choose the shape of the strip you want, use a spatula to scrape off any excess sealant after gluing, and you’ll have a smooth, shiny finish in no time.

These are the most basic glue tools. Of course, in addition to this, you can also use brushes, cleaners, foam wands and other tools in different environments.

Second, the construction process

How should the substrate surface be treated prior to sealing?

The area of the substrate that the sealant contacts must be kept clean, dry and free from dust, dirt, rust, grease and other contaminants. Non-porous substrates must be cleaned with a clean white lint-free cotton cloth and solvent. Wipe off residual solvent with a clean dry cloth as soon as possible before it evaporates. Before applying glue, cut the nozzle of the cartridge, then install the nozzle, and cut the nozzle to the desired size. The sealant can be applied in dots or layers and requires exposure to moisture in the air to cure.

What should be paid attention to when applying glue?

  1. Before use, be sure to clean the substrate surface so as not to affect its sealing effect. If the substrate surface is uneven, or there are problems such as deformation, the substrate surface needs to be repaired and other treatments to ensure the smoothness of the substrate surface.
  2. When applying glue, you need to choose the appropriate construction method and construction tools according to the object to be pasted. If you only apply a small amount of sealant, you can use a brush and other tools to apply it manually. If you want to apply a lot, you can use a spray gun, etc. tool to spray, so that you can have a better coating effect.
  3. When smearing, the sealant should be applied evenly. If the cured glue is of different heights, there will be certain gaps, and it is easy to hide dirt and dirt, which will affect its bonding effect to a certain extent.
  4. After the sealant is applied, the excess glue needs to be trimmed to ensure the aesthetics of the material. Be careful not to peel off the entire adhesive layer when trimming.

The above is an analysis of the matters that need to be paid attention to when using sealant. In addition to purchasing a good sealant, it is necessary to have the correct gluing tools and master the correct construction process and precautions in order to achieve a good gluing effect. .

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