Thermally Conductive Interface Materials Designed for Cooling Electronic Components

With the development of the new energy vehicle industry, new forces of new energy vehicle manufacturing continue to emerge, and automotive intelligence also develops rapidly, and technology companies have deployed automotive electronics.

As people have higher and higher requirements for driving comfort, safety, entertainment, economy and other performance, the number of electronic components in the car is also increasing, and the automotive electronic system is also complicated, which is bound to its safety and reliability. put forward higher requirements.

High temperature is an acceleration factor for the aging of electronic components. Poor heat dissipation design will seriously affect the reliability, safety, and durability of electronic components. Cars will also produce bad noise and vibration during driving, causing auto manufacturers to maintain product warranty maintenance. , vehicle quality satisfaction and other issues.

CoolThermo series thermal conduction products have mature thermal management material solutions in new energy vehicle battery pack, motor controller (MCU), body electronic control (ECU), vehicle charger, chassis control, vehicle entertainment and other systems, which can provide heat dissipation /Heat soaking/thermal conduction/thermal insulation and other series of product supporting solutions to help customers achieve the safety and reliability of automotive electronic products.

OBC Car Charger Thermal Solution

The on-board OBC is one of the important parts of the electric vehicle power system. Due to the high-power charging and discharging, huge heat is generated inside it. If it cannot be dissipated in time, the life and performance of the internal components will be greatly reduced. The electronic devices in the vehicle OBC are all encapsulated in the housing, and the heat source (electronic device/chip/MOSFET, etc.) needs to be in close contact with the inner wall of the housing to dissipate heat efficiently.

OBC rated voltage: 220V; output power: 18kw; cooling method: air cooling

The heat dissipation scheme can use CoolThermo thermal conductive gel CTLCF300 with a thermal conductivity of 3.0W/m·k, which can effectively fix small electronic components and prevent damage caused by bumps; fill between irregular heat sources (transformers, capacitors, etc.) and the radiator so that the heat can be well conducted to the radiator; fill the gap between the PCB board and the shell to protect the stability of the internal structure.

At the same time, CoolThermo thermal conductive gasket CTLCP200 can be used. The gasket is made of glass fiber cloth as a reinforcing material and processed by a special process. It is a very soft thermal conductive silicone gasket with excellent compressibility. The components are in close contact, with anti-puncture and anti-leakage functions.

How to use:

  1. Fix small electronic components to prevent damage caused by bumps, and conduct heat from components to the shell for heat dissipation
  2. Fill the gap between the irregular heat source (transformer, capacitor, etc.) and the radiator, so that the heat can be well conducted on the radiator
  3. Fill the gap between the PCB board and the shell to protect the stability of the internal structure.

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